Sonja Friend-Uhl - Runner. International Champion. World Record Holder. Mother.


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Age is no reason to slow down or stop your favorite activities. The only thing that should change as we get older is that we should focus on exercising smarter, NOT harder.

To make this point and to celebrate the most important person in each of our lives, this special episode of All About Fitness features an interview with Sonja Friend-Uhl, the oldest American woman to break the 5 minute mile barrier, the recent winner of the 45-49yo Women's 800m at the International Indoor World Track Championships in Poland, a recent inductee to the College of William and Mary Athletic Hall of Fame and a mother to two amazing children (she's also married to an awesome guy - so she really does have it all). During our interview, Sonja shares her approach to fitness which has allowed her to excel as an athlete and compete against college-age women young enough to be her daughters (beating many of them) as well as winning a world championship against others of her own age and experience.

If you need the motivation to stay with your favorite activities as you get older, then this special Mother's Day edition is for you!

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