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Have you ever felt stiff or sore for no reason? Yes, you may exercise, lift weights, get your heart-rate up and push yourself during hard, high-intensity workouts, but when was the last time that you did anything specific for your fascia and connective tissue? There are two types of muscle tissue, the contractile component that generates force and the elastic element that transmits the force around the body; it's this second type of tissue that is often overlooked with many traditional fitness programs. When your connective tissues don't function properly, it can change how your entire body functions which can result in long-term, nagging injuries.

Sue Hitzmann is a manual therapist who created the MELT Method to reduce the amount of stress that accumulates in your muscles and soft-tissues during exercise so that you can get the results that you want from your workouts. Recorded LIVE at a fitness education event for the first time since 2019!!! - Sue provides insights on how our connective tissue is different than muscle and shares why it is so important to focus on self-care for your connective tissue so that you can achieve optimal health through movement. Learn all about how your body is designed to move on this episode of All About Fitness.

In 2001, Sue Hitzmann was inspired to create “homework” for her clients, which led to the development of the MELT Method – the first-ever form of Hands-off Bodywork®. Now with her bestselling book and the products Sue personally designed, anyone, anywhere, can take steps to restore whole-body efficiency and lead a healthier, more active life. Sue has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Nightline, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, andLive! with Regis and Kelly, and MELT has been featured in publications such as SELF, More, Prevention, and the New York Times. She has empowered tens of thousands of people to live healthy, pain-free lives and has trained over a thousand instructors to share the secrets to pain-free living.

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