Sue Hitzmann - The Role of Fascia in Your Body


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When muscles contract they produce the forces that move the body; fascia is the connective that transmits and distributes those forces to help the body move. Fascia is an integral component of how your body moves, yet it is often overlooked in traditional exercise programs and could be the cause of the chronic pain or soreness you feel after a workout.
No, this podcast is NOT becoming All About Fascia, but when you get the opportunity to speak with Sue Hitzmann, a founding member of the Fascia Research Society and author of 2 books about how to properly take care of your fascia, it's important to give her the microphone so she can help you understand what might be causing that nagging pain that you have to deal with every time you exercise.
Sue Hitzmann is the creator of the MELT Method and the author of The MELT Method - a book describing the role of fascia in movement and how to perform proper self-care to reduce the risk of injury. Sue has recently released MELT Performance, a follow-up book that provides more detail on how you should care for you body so that you can participate in your favorite activities well into the later years of the aging process. On this episode we discuss common mistakes that could cause pain and some simple movement strategies that could help you avoid it.
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