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How you do anything is how you do everything. Take a look at ANY successful person, from professional athletes to actors to CEOs to politicians when it comes to the people who reach the upper tiers of their respective field, there is one common denominator - hard work. Success does not happen by accident, it is earned through hours of hard work and dedication to the pursuit of getting better and if you want success in your life then look no further than this episode of All About Fitness with strength coach and motivational speaker, Todd Durkin.
Todd owns Fitness Quest10, a San Diego-based training studio that has been recognized as one of the top fitness facilities in the country by Men's Health. Todd and his team deliver results for professional athletes competing at the top of their game as well as for the average folks who just want their clothes to fit better or are looking for the extra energy and stamina to enhance their overall quality of life.
On this episode of All About Fitness, Todd shares his basic strategies for how to achieve success in your life; in addition, we talk about his recent knee replacement - specifically his fears before the surgery and how going through the painful process actually helped him develop a new perspective on his career. If you're looking for a little motivation, be careful because this Dose of Durkin is like drinking espresso from a fire hose - hold on for the ride!
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