Dr. John Berardi - The Science Behind Precision Nutrition


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Exercise is only one component of a healthy lifestyle; proper nutrition and fuel is essential if you want to maximize the outcomes of a fitness program. There is so much information, and misinformation, about nutrition that it can be a challenge to identify the best strategy for your specific needs. John Berardi, PhD started Precision Nutrition in an effort to provide no nonsense nutrition coaching to the fitness industry. PN provides nutrition education programs for fitness professionals while also offering coaching services to consumers via its unique online platform.
On this episode of All About Fitness, John Berardi talks about the PN approach to nutrition, what makes it unique as an online resource and the real secrets to changing the eating behaviors that can help you move closer to your health and fitness goals.
This episode can definitely help you identify one or things to start doing right away if you want to change your approach to your food intake.
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