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The human body is like a cell phone; a phone is made up of hardware, specifically bits of plastic, metal and glass - what makes the phone function is the operating system. In the human body our muscles and skeletal structures are the hardware, our central nervous system (CNS) is akin to our operating system which allows us to function. The data received by the CNS is critical for helping you to move and perform your best.
The shoes you wear can affect how your body receives data from the environment, specifically the ground. Our feet are designed to absorb force when we step on the ground and to generate force by pushing off against it. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can change how your feet, and your entire body, function.
Galahad Clark is a 7th generation member of the Clark family that makes Clark shoes; however, he realized that many shoes are poorly designed and do not support the natural function of the feet they're supposed to protect. As a result, Galahad started the VIVOBAREFOOT shoe company to create minimalist shoes that allow for optimal foot biomechanics. Recently Mr. Clark & VIVOBAREFOOT produced the movie, Shoespiracy to tell and show how the large shoe companies design shoes for profits not to promote optimal human performance (as many claim).
On this episode of All About Fitness, Galahad discusses what motivated him to disrupt the shoe industry; we discuss the benefits of wearing minimalist shoes and address the proper way to incorporate them into your exercise program. If you've ever wondered whether or not your shoes affect how you move then this episode is for YOU!
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