Tricia Madden and Abbie Appel - the Benefits of Virtual Fitness


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Every modern health club has three main features that members love: the cardio equipment, the weight room and the group fitness studio. If you've been developing your own home workout solutions over the past few months, recreating the first two areas are kind of easy: a few dumbbells and a bench are all you need to turn your garage or some extra space into a weight room and a good walk around the neighborhood can replace the elliptical machine from your gym's cardio area. But...what about the group fitness experience? Is it possible to recreate the group fitness experience at home through a virtual platform?

According to Abbie Appel and Tricia Madden, two top fitness instructors who not only lead amazing workouts but travel around the world teaching other instructors how to teach, the answer is a definitive YES. is a new web platform that allows top fitness instructors to teach a class directly to your living room, basement or garage. In other words, you now have the opportunity to experience your favorite group fitness workouts at home withOUT having to invest in expensive equipment. On this episode of All About Fitness it's a fun and lively conversation with Abbie Appel and Tricia Madden about the benefits of group fitness from the comfort of your own home.

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