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Do you consider yourself a fashionable woman a bit "fashionista"? Wearing clothes is something that each of us does every day, isn't it? But what sets you apart from the crowd is your personal style . You may be part of the crowd or you can stand out from it. It depends on you!
So, if you are a fashionista and were born to dress in style, here are 11 fashion tips you can't miss !
# 1 - Do you know your physique?
The first step to dressing in style is knowing your body shape. Consequently, once you know your "type" you can choose the right clothing. For example, if your body looks like an hourglass, you can wear sheath dresses and short dresses that draw attention to your slim waistline.
# 2 - Cunning nude. Show your skin strategically
If you are wearing a mini-skirt, make sure that your bust is still well covered. If you are wearing a backless undershirt make sure you are not showing your legs too much. And if you are showing your abdomen or navel make sure the rest of your body is covered. The show of showing off naked body parts is classy when strategically studied. The trick is to get only one body part in focus at a time. Too much exposure of one's skin would simply appear brash and ignorant.
# 3 - Do the pants have the right hem?
The hem of long trousers must be well cared for, touch the top of the shoe and always be a maximum of 1 inch above the ground. Many women make fatal mistakes with hems by appearing sloppy and old fashioned.
# 4 - Invest in a good pair of jeans
Do you put on jeans when you no longer know what to wear? Jeans are the saviors of every woman, so it is essential to invest in a good pair of jeans that are important in terms of cut and workmanship. Instead of buying 10 clothes that you will wear on one occasion, invest a good amount of money in a durable good like a good pair of jeans that you can pair with many other clothes.
# 5 - It's a question of the overall image
Most fashionistas make the mistake of paying attention only to their clothes. They often tend to forget that the whole "outfit" makes the dress. So when you go shopping don't just look at the clothes but look for the right bag, the right pair of shoes, the matching pair of earrings, the necklace and even the makeup. Or, in any case, make sure that the dress is suitable for other accessories you already own so as not to have a closet full of things that don't go along well with each other.
# 6 - You must have a pair of "Nude" pumps
A pair of nude pumps pair well with any color and print. It is not necessary to have different shoes for different outfits if you have a nice pair of important and well made nude heels, possibly in leather and comfortable!
# 7 - Experiment every now and then
Do people know you as a soap and water woman always in jeans and a T-shirt? The time has come to make a change. Go shopping, find and try on clothes that you would never have bought before. Look for dresses, skirts, baggy pants, jackets, and other items that aren't part of your closet. Changing helps!

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