Episode 173 Part 1: Romance in Comics with Kat!


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With Bar Sinister and the literal layout of House of Summer, the X-titles are once again pushing the boundaries on romantic representation -- and ACC-tion heroes, we are here for it. In fact, we're here for it with two guests and a two-part show! Part one brings on our Senior X-Correspondent Kat Letho in to discuss X-men and romance in comics. In Part 2, we have Adam from Battle of the Atom joins us to discuss how the X-men have been fundamental to breaking heteronormative narratives!

Romantic Representation: From Love and Rockets to X-Men (25+)
  • House of Summer: X-men
  • Kat
    • Storm and Yukio
    • Kitty and Rachel (and Illyana?)
  • Nick
    • 1963 - Prof X likes Jean
    • Kara and Jimmy - CW Supergirl
  • Marty
    • Destiny and Mystique
    • Logan and Hercules
    • Injection

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