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In this episode, we discuss the StrengthsExplorer theme of Relating. What’s best for a child is what’s inside the child. Building upon nearly a half century of research into people’s natural talents most closely linked to success and performance, StrengthsExplorer is a tool to help affirm and grow a child’s innate potential. This podcast is designed for adults. As partners in their development, we will explore what is powerful and true about all 10 of the StrengthsExplorer and how to get the most from their talent. Follow along with us as we look at the Gallup Press book Strengths Based Parenting. Be sure to access the StrengthsExplorer live page by 12 p.m. EST (-0400 GMT).To learn about Gallup's other resources for strengths-based coaching, visit Gallup Strengths Center.

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