Dr. Gregg Strawbridge - A New Age Restoration Meal (John 21)


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John 21 is a kind of coda to the music of John’s Gospel. John provides a glimpse of the unrestored Peter’s leadership. Peter is still a leader. When he says, “I am going fishing” (21:3), the others follow. But how could anyone follow this Christ-denier? Peter was a coward. He had betrayed Jesus and cursed His name. But then all of His disciples turned away. They were all guilty of disloyalty, and so are we.
This example shows us the beautiful grace of our Savior. Much is made of Peter’s betrayals. All four Gospels highlight it. But only this passage shows the restoration of Peter. A few details help frame the purpose.
1) New Age Food of the Resurrection
2) New Age Fishing for Men
3) New Age Fire of Restoration
The miracle catch of exactly 153 large fish is puzzling. What could it mean? Many commentators dismiss this as nothing more than a factual accounting of the number of fish, while others accept that it must contain symbolic significance. For my part, if you have read the Gospel of John without a lobotomy, his use of numbers and symbols is rather pronounced. This number must mean something. If we take the passage as a whole, let’s derive the meaning from the clear emphasis of its purpose: the restoration of Peter. According to those who study such things, this number is strongly associated with Gentiles or the nations.
Some have argued that...

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