Dr. Gregg Strawbridge - Psalm 47 - YHWH Ascends to Reign


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A. Praise YHWH* (1-4)
A2. “For” He is Most High King, Subjecting Nations
B. YHWH’s Ascension as King** (5)
A’. Praise YHWH (6-9)
A2’. “For” He is King Reigning Over Earth’s Leaders

*YHWH is the covenant name of God composed of four Hebrew letters (YHWH, the “tetragrammaton”) which is transliterated as “Yahweh” and is the basis for the Latinized (mistaken pronunciation) of the name “Jehovah” (JeHoWaH).

**Psalm 47 is one of several kingship psalms (93; 96–99 ) emphasizing YHWH’s reign over Israel, the nations, and the cosmos. The Hebrew term for “king” is “melek” (??????) and the term for reigning is the very same root.

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