The Bookshelf: Poet Marie Harris and 'Desire Lines'


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If you've ever been on a college campus or a public park, you may have seen desire lines. Those are those well-worn paths carved by travelers who, for whatever reason, preferred a route that diverged from the ones carefully cured in concrete by city or campus planners. Such a metaphor proved irresistible to Marie Harris. The Barrington, New Hampshire poet's new collection, Desire Lines, keeps these paths in mind as it explores aspects of her own life. Harris, a former New Hampshire poet laureate, sat down with NHPR's Peter Biello discuss her new book. Read Marie Harris's Top 5 Reading Recommendations: 1. A Handbook of Birds of North America by Frank M. Chapman. "A non-fiction masterpiece. The descriptions are hard to do justice. You just have to read them." 2. My Seneca Village by Marilyn Nelson. "Anything that Marilyn Nelson has written, who often writes in the voices of historical characters. Marilyn was a poet laureate of Connecticut for a number of years." 3. Amy Beach, Passionate

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