075. We're sh*tting elastics in this episode


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This week, we talk about Fruitatarians (is that a thing?) and challenges people are doing over on TikTok (i can't believe it's a thing). Want to see what we are talking about ? #eyewars example and Double Face example As part as our Katchups, Kim goes out drinking with old ladies and Isa tries to fix her computer for 4 days. We are drinking our local COTEAU ROUGEMENT WHITE WINE. not good (sorry!) 2.5/5 In the news New Zealand man being fired brings clown along for emotional support https://www.ctvnews.ca/lifestyle/new-zealand-man-being-fired-brings-clown-along-for-emotional-support-1.4594144 Our #eyewars videos can be found on http://allwineaside.com/ep075 - listen to the end of the episode for the process of making these (we died laughing)

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