Do you ever feel like a broken record?


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“I can’t believe this is happening to me… AGAIN” If you have ever heard yourself say something like this, chances are you have gotten yourself stuck under a set of beliefs that are no longer serving you. Many of us feel like we are just riding around on the same merry-go-round. It’s not just the feeling of running your voice and feeling unheard. It could also be that you are experiencing the the same disappointing results over and over again. All of our experiences have value, but when the same patterns keep recurring, it is very possible that you are still holding on to some limiting beliefs that are holding you back. How does this happen? You are no longer in alignment. When we’ve lived for awhile, we begin to believe things based on the experiences we have. Once we have a solid belief about something, certain experiences will naturally show up to confirm and solidify these beliefs…even if they aren’t true. The discomfort you feel when these undesirable situations repeat themselves? That’s what contrast feels like when your beliefs and desires are not in alignment. The effect of this is called CONFIRMATION BIAS and it is usually stronger for our most emotionally charged issues. The key is to learn how to recognize which patterns need to be restructured, and then be able to create a new belief that is more in alignment with the person that you have become. Easier than it sounds. On Today’s Show Create fertile ground for new growth potential! Today, my fantastic guest, Orlando Bishop joins us to help us get UNSTUCK. As an expert of strategic alignment, Orlando is a master of helping others transform their complex desires into effective actions. TUNE IN TODAY to apply what he has to teach us to your own growth potential!

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