How to push on… especially when you’ve experienced the absolute WORST.

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Why does trauma break some of us down, and fuel others to be great? Truth? I still suffer from the “imposter complex” sometimes. It’s not present every day, but when it rears its ugly head, I just want to throw in the towel, give up on my biggest dreams, lay down and vow never to get up again. I bet I am a lot like you. I still wonder sometimes if I’ve really accomplished anything worthwhile in my 43 years. I battle a whole bunch of old paradigms that haunt me and keep me from moving forward. I still have days where I cry. Like yesterday. I cried. And cried. And cried. My entire core was in desperate inner conflict. And NO WONDER I was so tormented. My desires and my beliefs were in complete contrast with one another. Ouch. Ouchity Ouch Ouch. If you have ever wanted something SO BAD— like soul-aching desire— where you are being called to show up in a place you KNOW you belong, but you can’t shake the negative self thoughts that make you BELIEVE that you cannot get there… you know how painful it can be. Alignment cannot happen unless your BELIEFS and your DESIRES are in agreement. Then I remembered… I GOT THIS. And so do you. If your “Doubting Demons” are reminding you of all the times you failed… (or something else failed you…) If you are suddenly reminded of all the dark times you busted your butt for a fraction of the results that were expected… (or unexpected circumstances blew your ambition…) If you are torn between WANTING to go to a destination that you are positive will fulfill you AND your life’s purpose, but you are equally as positive that you are NOT CAPABLE... (because you are just unlucky that way…) If you are afraid that trying and failing will serve as a mere reminder of just how UNcapable you really are…(because you MUST be cursed…) If you are just tired of your inner demons running the show, dictating your ability to BELIEVE in all that is possible and preventing you from moving forward… Today is a show you will not want to miss. On Today’s Show Resist Persist INSIST!! When you don’t follow your desires and serve your purpose, you not only create pain and anguish for yourself, you DENY THE WORLD YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS. We have a new world to build. WE NEED YOU TO SHOW UP IN YOUR GREATNESS. We need you to show up in LOVE. Today’s guest, Scott Stabile experienced the horrible trauma of both parents being shot to death when he was just a young teenager. Then he lost his brother to a heroine overdose. Despite his pain, Scott shows up in love… every single day. His latest book BIG LOVE: The Power of Living with a Wide Open Heart is a permission slip to braveness and tells how love and forgiveness is the greatest way to heal. For Scott, love is the base note for everything good—compassion, forgiveness, kindness, authenticity. Today we will be learning from Scott how the CHOICES WE MAKE from love can only serve ourselves and our world positively.

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