Ep. 234 - The Intimacy of Motherhood, Ancestral Healing, + Living Authentically with Peta Kelly


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Today we are sitting down with author, mother, and one of our favorite humans, Peta Kelly. Let us give you a few reasons why we love this woman so much: 1) Peta holds family as one of her greatest values 2) She is funny as hell 3) She walks the talk 4) She has taught us how to have hard conversations 4) She is constantly evolving without needing anything from anyone. The list continues to grow—especially after today’s interview.

Since becoming a mom, she has really focused on the intimacy of motherhood, and shares the outside fears pushed on her during pregnancy, and the trust she maintained within herself. Peta explains what ancestral healing is and the work she does to help heal the painful experiences of her family’s past, like having open conversations with her husband.

While in her twenties, Peta focused on soul growth, while working hard as an entrepreneur to set herself up financially before moving into motherhood. We discuss how she’s evolved spiritually since then, since writing her book, Earth is Hiring, and how her self-care rituals, such as stepping off of social media and Cacao ceremonies, have changed since becoming a mom. We could talk to our girl all day, but we hope this conversation will fill you up for a while—self-expression, personal growth, and relationships—LET’S GO!

We also talk about:

  • Peta’s preparation & rituals for her home birth
  • Relationships with plant medicine
  • Importance of trust in soul growth
  • The masculine & feminine in relationships

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