Ep. 291 - Awaken Your Sovereignty with Heath Ellis


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K + L kick off today with holiday reflection time! The ladies ended their tour in Miami, which turned into a little vacay with some friends, family, and their significant others. Tune in to hear about their clubbin’, beachin’, and shroomin’ adventures! For Christmas, L journeyed into the desert with her family, then spent some dreamy time in New York with her boyfriend. K went the atypical route of spending less time with her family this holiday season. She shares how she spent this much needed decompression and alone time, and her total ‘life edit’ that took place. K + L also delve into the feelings that surfaced, and how they support themselves in those low moments.

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Today we are digging into the male perspective on upleveling with Heath Ellis! As a Soul Coach for Men, Heath helps men shift the trajectory of their lives and come into alignment with their purpose—what he calls “the path of the conscious man.” Krista’s fiancé, Justin, had a very impactful coaching session with Heath, and is joining in on the conversation.

Heath shares how he was not always on this path of self-knowing, and completely changed the direction of his life in his late 20s. Although successful, he was miserable in his job, and decided to change the course of his life after a meditation retreat and his Akashic Records reading (aka your soul’s record). In our conversation, we talk greatly about the differences in the masculine and feminine approaches to healing. Heath explores holding vs. creating space, patterns of limiting beliefs, and steps to helping men be more sovereign. He explains his structure for checking in with your partner on how each of you is doing, and Krista and Justin share how they implement this practice. We wrap up the conversation with insightful books, and Heath reveals the key to a successful self-care ritual.

Heath is offering 30% off single coaching sessions using the code ALMOST30 at consciousman.com/impact-sessions.

We also talk about:

  • Why Heath left his software company
  • How Heath began shifting problems and pain points
  • What are Akashic Records?
  • How men hold space for each other
  • What women can do to help the men in their life
  • Making vulnerability sexy for men
  • Codependency
  • Fear & lack of self-acceptance
  • How men can hold space for women
  • Holding space & listening without needing to respond

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  • Shoutout to our friend and Human Design Expert, Jenna Zoe, for connecting us with Heath! Check her out at jennazoe.com.


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