Ep. 361 - Answering Questions of the Universe + Cosmic Identity with Elizabeth April


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Get ready to enter the 5th Dimension! You all have been asking for more alien talk, and this episode delivers. This conversation with Elizabeth April is a light code. We talk about how we are hybrid beings, the different galactic families we could be a part of, why we’re here as human beings, ascension symptoms, and Elizabeth’s journey in recognizing her gifts. She’s an expert channeler and makes this all super real, down to earth, and easy to understand.

Come with an open mind, some of these beliefs are out there and a perspective we’re excited to explore with all of you through insightful, interesting conversations.

We also talk about:

  • When Elizabeth came into her abilities
  • Understanding the nature of our reality
  • Connecting with the Galactic Federation
  • The hybridization of humanity
  • Manifesting your life
  • Explaining the 5th Dimension
  • How to detach from the 3rd Dimension

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