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Actress Rosalind Blessed is daughter to one of the best loved actors the UK has ever produced, Brian Blessed. She discusses what it was like to be the daughter of two actor parents and how growing up around her father's fame has affected her own career, relationships and mental health.

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In Almost Famous, Barnaby Slater chats to guests who also grew up with famous family members and asks how it has affected their journeys through life. As well as the inevitably hilarious anecdotes from guests having been surrounded by the bizarre world of celebrity all their lives, Almost Famous is also a serious look at how people’s perception of fame differs from the reality, and an insight into how an upbringing so close to the transient world of celebrity can have a bearing on life choices, relationships and mental health.

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About Barnaby Slater (@barnabyslater):

The presenter of this podcast, Barnaby Slater, is not famous. He's pleased about this. At least, he thinks he is. But Barnaby has spent his life surrounded by fame. His father had a couple of hits as lead singer of a band from Liverpool in the 60s (not The Beatles, alas). His mother got to number 2 in the pop charts in the 70s, something Barnaby's male school teachers never failed to remind him of when creepily talking about the posters they had of her on their adolescent bedroom walls. In the early 90s Barnaby's stepfather was Angus Deayton, then the most famous TV comedy panel show presenter in the country and labelled "TV's Mr Sex" by the newspapers.

Barnaby is aware that this isn't your average upbringing and after not-nearly-enough therapy wants to speak to other people who have grown up around celebrity to see how it has affected their own journey through life. He's particularly keen to chat to those who have gone in to a similar field as their famous parents/siblings, as he often worried about the impact that being known as Angus Deayton’s stepson would have on his own career, for better or worse.

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