GoF 8 Revisit: Quidditch on Demand


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On Episode 278 we discuss...

→ Consent of Scent is important! → How do Dobby and Winky know each other? → Barty Crouch Jr. is eavesdropping on the Trio in the Top Box - what information does he glean? → How do Omnioculars work? → There's now a muggle equivalent to Omnioculars in existence! → Ron is touchy about Harry buying him the Omnioculars, and about being poor in general. → What does the Bulgarian Minister of Magic know about Harry and Voldemort's conflict in Britain? → What nefarious ends does Lucius Malfoy have in mind when making donations to St. Mungo's? → Does Draco even like Quidditch? → Is the text discriminating against Viktor Krum? → Does Krum frown the British way or the American way? → Why didn't Harry go into professional Quidditch?

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