The Anthropology of Harry Potter, Part Two: Bloody Brilliant


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On Episode 317 we discuss... → Localization of the Harry Potter text (British vs. American English) → Why butcher cultures for the sake of ethnocentrically Americanizing text? → Hooray for fans fighting back! → Folklore and Fairytales - "The Boy Who Lived" is already a living legend → Are there similarities between Potter and other epic tales? → Enter the Cinderfellas: Voldemort, Lockhart, and Snape → The Anthropology of Fandom - how do you carry Harry Potter on a daily basis? → The 2020 fandom divide... educate yourself → Cultures are always shifting. The same is true for fandoms. → Morals and Ethics in the Potter series... is it a new religion? → We can definitely find moral lessons to share with others in Potter → Learning to deal with crises by reading about how others dealt with theirs

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