#19: Quinton Jason & Lynsey Gwin - When college can't give you the answers, what's next?


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Quinton is the Interactive Director at Xdesign. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from McNeese State University and has a passion for animation on the web, specifically in the growing field of SVG graphics. He has taken his love for this area of web design on the road by speaking at local meetups and conferences in cities such as Chicago and Las Vegas. At the helm of the Envoc creative team, Lynsey ensures quality is instilled in every design and execution down to the smallest detail. With experience in web and print design, web development, and user interface design, Lynsey’s favorite activity is still churning out some front-end code. Never afraid to express her feelings or concerns, clients new and old have come to view Lynsey as more of a consultant and collaborator of design instead of just an executor of design. These two paired up along with Isral Duke to co-found the Activate Conference — a student conference for interactive. If you're in the creative scene (specifically web), you're gonna love this episode as we dive into how these two web gurus are bringing this traditionally segmented community together.

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