Short-term Planning with Ian Stimson (GW9 Preview)


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This week, we welcome guest co-host Ian Stimson, from the Miles Offside Podcast, who sits in with Brandon to prepare for Gameweek 9. With the Premier League's marque fixture of Liverpool vs Manchester City coming up in Gameweek 12, we take this moment to discuss short-term FPL planning and how we can best calibrate our strategy for a brief four-week window, which will feature great fixtures for Chelsea, Leicester, and Bournemouth, to name a few. How do transfer hits and player punts factor into these small timeframes? We also touch upon current worries over Liverpool and Manchester City premium assets and then rank the current plethora of high-priced striker options. Tune in for all of that plus listener questions and a Gameweek 9 preview with bus teams, transfer targets, and captaincy favorites. Hail Cheaters!

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