A|M Hookah Podcast S3 EP 18 (Top 10 Hookah Flavors) 2019


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A|M Hookah Podcast S3 EP 18 (Top 10 Hookah Flavors) 2019 ****************************************** Support the show Use Code AMHookah at HookahJohn.com for 10% off any order of 45$ or more. HoHStore.com AMHookah for 30% off order ****************************************** The AM Hookah Podcast has Three shows Monday the Podcast Wednesday The Gamecast Friday Technical Difficulties ****************************************** Use !commands to see all the stuff you can type in! !Guest Learn about and who our Guest is !Bowls Find out how many you have in your Wallet !smoke What we are Smoking! ****************************************** This week let's talk about some of the stuff that we think as our all time fav, current fav, we get asked plenty of time what our favorite hookah tobacco is, so let's go thought the list as Adrian and i talk about our Top Ten Hookah Tobacco Flavors, will we have some the same? Only one way to find out, also we will talk about the top 3 lists from our Facebook group,

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