China Pandemic and Freight Situation with Brian Miller of Easy China Warehouse


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Brian Miller, CEO, and founder of Easy China Warehouse shares his knowledge and expertise on China's pandemic and the freight situation. The freight industry is one of the most vital services of the modern interconnected world. The COVID-19 outbreak that started spreading from different countries across the globe is forcing governments and international authorities to take next level measures such as lockdown of cities and control the movement of people to check and minimize the rapid spread of the pandemic. As a consequence of this outbreak, important industries such as logistics and transportation are slowed down. Therefore, Brian Miller, CEO, and founder of Easy China Warehouse will give us a clear picture of China’s current situation and the freight industry. You’ll Learn About: The skills that Brian acquired on his previous work experience. How he started his business in the freight industry. How Fulfillment company helps FBA companies in shipping. How the Corona Virus spread and affected China. The effects of the pandemic in the freight industry. The Slowing factors in the supply chain and its alternatives. The advantages of consolidation service. Contact

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