16: Should I Buy Gold with Peter Hug

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The question of whether or not to buy gold comes up a lot for Kate. She mentions that people often tend to think of gold as having special powers, due to the lack of correlation with the stock market. Kate understands the appeal as an alternative asset class, however, she does point out that the lack of correlation is often the wrong reason to buy gold. Also, she reminds you to be aware that talk radio shows are often sponsored by gold traders and gold companies.

Today's guest is Peter Hug, a Gold Trader and expert commentator with Kitco. Today, Peter explains about the different types of gold investors. He also talks about rebalancing and about the times that gold is a poor investment. He gives the pros and cons of investing in it and explains that gold is merely an asset class, not a supernatural type of protection against inflation, the president, or anything else. He explains the importance of being prepared and understanding your reasons for investing in it and also understanding where gold fits into a diversified market. Listen in today and equip yourself to make the right choice, when making an investment.

Today Peter talks to Kate about:

•Himself, Kitco and what he does there.

•The idea of people using gold and precious metals as investments, in context with the other holdings in their portfolios.

•That the psychology of selling or adding to a position on weakness is difficult for a lot of investors- yet you need to do it.

•The pros and cons for an investor to be using products like ETF, IAU or GLD.

•Some of the risks inherent with buying gold because people think that something is going to happen to make the gold price go up.

•Why he thinks that BREXIT won't be as bad as people think.

•His advice to investors with an allocated portfolio, looking at financial planning, about where to start researching whether or not to buy gold.


Peter's Blog: www.kitco.com

Peter's email: phug@kitco.com

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