Evolutionless Series. Part 1.


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Evolutionless. Part 1.

This ACU Show consists of 4 selections from the 37 part Series ‘Evolutionless’.

The playlist can be found on YouTube at- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey2Fq9n08v0&list=PLogYMr-Byfss60eY5MXQF-xSQ-9qb1PJy

  • Episode 1 Introduction
  • Episode 15 Inventing Evidence
  • Episode 5 Miller-Urey Experiment
  • Episode 37 Finalization


Darwinian Evolution is largely untrue, scientifically incorrect, very misleading and destructive for humanity.

Evolutionless - Ep 1 Introduction



Evolutionless - Ep 15 Inventing Evidence



Evolutionless - Ep 5 Miller-Urey Experiment



Evolutionless - Ep 37 Finalization

Watch this video at- https://youtu.be/n6nAoHKKrZk


Chapter I (from 1/12) – This chapter is mainly concerned with the refutation of their claims.

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions & Darwin's Finches
  3. Natural Selection
  4. Genetic Mutations
  5. Miller-Urey Experiment
  6. The Tree Of Life
  7. Similarities
  8. Resistant Bacteria & Fruit-Flies
  9. Dinosaur To Bird
  10. Simply Human
  11. Dawkins' Doubt
  12. The Debate

Chapter II (from 13/19) – This chapter reveals the deceptions and lies of evolutionists, and how these deceptions contributed on misleading the public.

  1. Fossil Deception
  2. Deception Continues
  3. Inventing Evidence
  4. Haeckel's Embryos
  5. No Vestigial Organs!
  6. Forbidden Archeology
  7. Human Devolution

Chapter III (from 20/28) – This chapter presents scientific concepts that prove Darwinian evolution is not a valid scientific theory.

  1. The Origin Of Genetic Information
  2. Cambrian Explosion
  3. Irreducible Complexity
  4. Entropy & Mathematical Probabilities
  5. Altruism & Metamorphosis
  6. Animals Defy Evolution
  7. Living Fossil
  8. A Single Race
  9. Jinns Disprove Evolution

Chapter IV (from 29/32) – In this chapter we’ll cover some of the philosophical arguments for Design.

  1. Arguments For Design
  2. Teleological Argument
  3. Who Designed the Designer!
  4. Absurdity Of Naturalism

Chapter V (from 33/37) – In this chapter we’ll see the destruction and catastrophic consequences of a great lie, and the suppressions and challenges that ID is facing.

  1. Applied Darwinism
  2. Eugenics And Euthanasia
  3. Suppressing Intelligent Design
  4. Challenges Ahead
  5. Finalization


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