1976, Ford vs. Carter: Unimpeachable


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When Nixon gets caught up in the biggest presidential scandal in American History, he enlists the help of a man with unimpeachable character: Gerald R. Ford Jr. In the wake of Watergate, Ford becomes the only man to ever be appointed to the presidency. In his reelection bid for an office he was never elected to, Ford must prove himself worthy of his party’s nomination and fight off a Washington outsider: Georgia Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Created, hosted and executive produced by Lindsay Graham for Airship. Sound design by Derek Behrens. Audio editing by Mollie Baack. Co-Executive produced by Steven Walters in association with Ritual Productions. Written and researched by Erik Archilla and Steven Walters. Fact checking by Gregory Jackson and Cielle Salazar from the podcast History That Doesn’t Suck. Music by Lindsay Graham.

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