6: Introducing Feminist Folklore


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Introducing another great podcast from Skylark Media! Feminist Folklore is a weekly storytelling and discussion podcast where each week, hosts Carlea and Rachael share a fairy tale, myth, or legend from around the world, and discuss it from a feminist perspective. Does Snow White pass the Bechdel test? How different would Sleeping Beauty really be if you replaced the heroine with a sexy lamp?

Whether you love Disney princesses or chilling ghost stories, Feminist Folklore has something for you. From old English ballads to contemporary Japanese legends, nothing’s off limits in these frank, funny discussions. The stories Carlea and Rachael cover can be problematic, but there’s never a dull moment.

Feminist Folklore explores tough and timely topics like gender equality, toxic masculinity, and body positivity, and considers how societal attitudes about sex and gender are influenced by our deep-seated cultural narratives. You’ll be surprised by how little has changed for women since the days of the Brothers Grimm, and how much ancient myths and legends can still tell us about women’s lives.

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