Got Guts: Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) function is required for optimal interleukin-22 signaling in colonic epithelial stem cells


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In this podcast, coauthors Dr. Huajun Han, and Prof. Robert S. Chapkin of Texas A&M University, discuss their recently published research "Loss of aryl hydrocarbon receptor suppresses the response of colonic epithelial cells to IL22 signaling by upregulating SOCS3" with Editor-in-Chief Prof. Mark Frey. Data from their preclinical orthogonal models indicate that AhR signaling modulates the response of colonic epithelial cells to IL22, resulting in the suppression of carcinogen-associated colon tumorigenesis. These findings provide rationale for targeting AhR as a means of ameliorating IBD and reducing colon cancer risk. Take a listen today!

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