Body Fluid Play with Luna Matatas - Ep 105


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Episode 105 is about everything wet! Luna Matatas explores the question, “why do we eroticize certain bodily fluids but consider others disgusting?” Then we really dive into a pool of the slimy, juicy, splashy stuff! Find out once and for all if squirt is really pee plus learn the secrets of vaginal ejaculation & creative ideas for squirt play. Luna tells us about golden showers-- what’s the appeal? Humiliation? Dominance? Something else? Learn how to explore piss play safely and discover some surprising things about diaper play (no, they aren’t just for adult babies). We also talk spit, tears, sweat, lactation, snot jobs, and more! Find out which common body fluid squicks Sunny out and how to negotiate playing with fluids your partner might find hot but you don’t.

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