Coastal engineering in a changing world with R. Harvey Sasso, P.E., President, Coastal Systems International


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R. Harvey Sasso has been a practicing coastal engineer for more than three decades and now leads one of the many superb firms that serve along the American Shoreline. As they say, he's been there and done that. In this episode from the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association meeting, Harvey joins Peter Ravella on the American Shoreline Podcast to talk about what's changed over that time and what hasn't. While the tools of the trade are better -- sophisticated modeling and lots more data -- the profession remains in its essence an art and a discipline infused with the unpredictability to our ever-changing shorelines. Most importantly, the profession faces the true challenge of rising seas and greater risks to their public- and private-sector clients. Is the profession ready? Does resiliency hold the key to the future? Can we afford to do what is likely to be required to protect our coastal communities? Dip your toe -- or a foot -- into the world of the coastal engineers with a great guide, Harvey Sasso, one of the premier coastal engineers in Florida. It's an interesting and surprisingly provacative discussion.

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