Martin County, Florida knows beaches and how to manage them . . . and County Commissioner Doug Smith shares the secrets


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From the FSBPA Conference: Managing eroding beaches is an expensive proposition. Lots of money, technical challenges, and then there are the permits and the community support to secure. Doug Smith has been at it almost 20 years as a veteran Martin County Commissioner. Doug joins Peter Ravella on the American Shoreline Podcast to talk about how to maintain beaches, protect property, and not go broke doing it. For coastal towns all along the American shoreline, the challenge can seem daunting, especially for communities new to the process. And, with sea level rise, many more local governments will be pressured to institute beach nourishment programs to maintain their recreational beaches and protect public and private infrastructure. Doug Smith has learned the ropes and shares some of his "secrets to success." It's an uplifting discussion of what can be done with solid management and strong partners. Good show. Don't miss it.

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