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On The Capitol Beach, Derek Brockbank interviews the three co-executive directors of the US Coastal Research Program (USCRP): Julie Rosati with US Army Corps of Engineers, Hilary Stockdon with US Geological Survey, and Nicole Elko with American Shore & Beach Preservation Association. The USCRP is a multi-agency, academic and stakeholder partnership created to leverage and expand collaboration across coastal research sectors and ensure future research plans address stakeholder needs. On the podcast, you’ll hear why 11 federal agencies (from NOAA to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) are participating, how collaboration on a multi-faceted coastal experiment is utilizing Hurricane Dorian to improve coastal storm modeling and much more, and how academics have received $6.3 million in federal grants through the USCRP and what might be funded next... This podcast may not dive into the weeds on policy, but it explains how the federal government is driving coastal science that will lead to better coastal policy and management.

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