Episode 159 - In Mexican Culture, The Receiver Is The Gay One


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Christian had to get tested for the 'Rona. Jesus is back in LA, and he's tripping over Echo Park tent-f**king. And Jerry is flunking kindergarten all over again!

Jerry’s got complaints about the official Wannabes facemask, while Christian is looking more and more like a Chia Pet every day.

Jesus went 1-on-1 on the basketball court with A-rab Fern, and he’s got complaints. Christian accuses Jesus of selective IG editing to hide the fact he got even worse since he went 1-on-1 with Jerry.

The guys agree that Jerry’s dad game has gone next level in quarantine, but Christian went all the way viral for his top-tier dadding. Too bad Reddit got almost all the details wrong.

Then, Christian reveals some details on upcoming meat shortages. The Wannabes return to explore the fine line between gay and straight due to a big surprise in Christian's family. Fernie considers the prospect of getting back to work at Dodger Stadium by July 4.

And finally: How do dads nowadays have "the talk"?


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