Episode 160 - Punked Hard


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Christian's corona test results are back, just like his super-whack hairline. The guys compare middle school girlfriends and their favorite all-time sneakers. Plus, 90 Day Fiancée!

NOTE: This episode was recorded early last week before the protests began in the U.S. The Wannabes will be back with their take on the weekend's events next week.

The Wannabes compare notes on male pattern baldness and the hottest shoes back in the day, from Jordans to K-Swiss. Plus, how their sneaker game attracted the bad b*tches in middle school ... and the problems that come with bad b*tches.

Jerry's kids interrupt him when he's creeping on Instagram hoes. Jesus has been watching 90 DAY FIANCÉE, where the drama is HIGH between desperate foreign chicks and old American weirdos. Speaking of which, Jerry was disappointed by the selection of available chicks at his Mexican family reunion.

Plus, the evolving languages of the mother country, and Jesus has an on-point premonition when he notices how crazy people are getting, like something really bad is about to happen...


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