Episode 152 - Tom Hanks Is Our Generation’s Magic Johnson


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The only coronavirus updates you’ve been waiting for: The Wannabes weigh in from quarantine as Christian calls in from the grocery store front lines.

Live on the air, Jerry gets the news that his kids will be home from school for the next month. Jesus almost got quarantined in Mexico. Christian is deep in the heart of coronavirus panic.

Jerry drops knowledge on real life zombies. We find out Fernie’s a "three-fire guy."

The Wannabes share airport stories, from celebrity encounters with Mike Tyson to ghetto Mexican airline scares to Jerry finally watching Best Picture winner PARASITE.

Then, the guys watch in real time as men lose the war against feminism on LOVE IS BLIND.

Finally, a real quote from Christian, live on the phone: "I can only get away for like two minutes but it's f**king crazy in here!"


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American Wannabes is a weekly Latino comedy podcast featuring comics Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda and Christian Zaragoza.

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