Episode 154 - Twin Towers 9/11 Pu**y


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The Wannabes wrestle with Skype in an attempt to record an episode from quarantine! Tiger King is heavy on their minds, and Jerry threw a coronavirus birthday!

Christian is humble about being a true hero, and offers up-to-the-minute secrets from the grocery store front lines. ARE THEY RECEIVING SHIPMENTS OF TOILET PAPER AND HAND SANITIZER? You gotta listen to find out...

Then, Netflix's epic TIGER KING makes the guys consider what it would take to flip gay.

Plus, Jerry's discusses his son's budding influencer stardom with NICKY G'S FUN TUTORIALS (on Jerry's Instagram).

Jesus is going stir-crazy in Arizona.

Finally, the Wannabes contemplate their future post-pandemic.


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American Wannabes is a weekly Latino comedy podcast featuring comics Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda and Christian Zaragoza.

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