Mark Sanborn: Fred 2.0—how to live, work, and be extraordinary


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Unlike the guests on almost all of my shows, my guest tonight is actually not a scientist -- he's business consultant, public speaker, and best-selling author Mark Sanborn.
But this is the second time I've made an exception and had him on the show, because his thinking is so extraordinary, inspiring, and helpful.
To bring up that word again -- "extraordinary" -- being extraordinary means being a stand-out person in your work, friendships, and relationships. We tend to think being that is either something you're born with or you're not. But Sanborn will show you tonight that this isn't the case.
He'll explain why "extraordinary" is something you can choose to be, and explain how to recalibrate your thinking so you can achieve and maintain that. As for why to do this, his book we'll be discussing — "Fred 2.0: New ideas on how to keep delivering extraordinary results" — and this show should make very clear that living "extraordinary" is living and working fulfilled in a way that living ordinary just can't meet.
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