Colin Broderick: Episode 360


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The incredible life story of writer/director Colin Broderick is one that truly must be heard. This week, you get to do just that. In this refreshingly open and honest conversation, Colin speaks to Jarlath about the post-traumatic stress that he discovered he was suffering from having grown up during the Troubles, resulting in him being emotionally disconnected having witnessed the massacre of people he knew. Colin details his journey in America where he has survived alcoholism, homelessness and prison before telling us the story of how he discovered writing. From the mental breakdown that he suffered writing That's That, to facing his demons head on in Emerald City, the importance of correctly nurturing our youth and much more, this inspirational story of a man who has survived a life of hardship with a true sense of dignity is a much needed listen. To hear Colin's beautiful words on his approach to writing, his thoughts on Trump being re-elected as well as how he is taking care of his own family in lockdown in New York, become a patron of An Irishman Abroad for just the price of a pint on You will also gain access to the entire back-catalogue of over 250 Irishman Abroad episodes that are not available on iTunes. You can also gain access to the entire Irishman Abroad archive of episodes through our iPhone and Android Apps. Download the Irishman Abroad Android or iPhone apps for free using the links below. Our charity partner is In these tricky times, Jigsaw provides a range of resources, advice and care for your people to help them strengthen their mental health and the skills needed to navigate life. Please visit their website and consider making a donation. For updates on future episodes and live shows follow @jarlath on Twitter, visit or email the show directly on Disclaimer: All materials contained within this podcast are copyright protected. Third party reuse and/or quotation in whole or in part is prohibited unless direct credit and/or hyperlink to the Irishman Abroad podcast is clearly and accurately provided.

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