Mary Robinson: Episode 341


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Since the inception of An Irishman Abroad, Mary Robinson has been one of the most requested guests for the series. This week, the former President of Ireland and U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights joined Jarlath for a truly memorable conversation about her life and career. With a beautiful honesty, Mary opens up about how nothing seemed out of the realms of possibility for her while growing up (9:00), how she battled shyness by taking up debating (16:00) and why she believes the coronavirus will help us (58:00). Mary also speaks addresses the scepticism and vital finer details of global warming (59:00), her regret at not finishing out her term as President (1:02:00) and the impact that witnessing the realities of severe inhumanity in Sierra Leone and Somalia had on her (1:08:00). From how close she came to a nervous breakdown during her time as U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (1:06:00) to how she was banned by the Historical Society of Trinity College (34:00), the wild parties with her four brothers in the house in which Oscar Wilde was born (32:00) and much more, this is a one of a kind conversation with one of Ireland's most inspirational women. To hear Mary's powerful discussion on what life is like experiencing both serious abuse and public adulation, become a patron of An Irishman Abroad for just the price of a pint on You will also gain access to the entire back-catalogue of almost 250 Irishman Abroad episodes that are not available on iTunes. You can also gain access to the entire Irishman Abroad archive of episodes through our iPhone and Android Apps. Download the Irishman Abroad Android or iPhone apps for free using the links below. For updates on future episodes and live shows follow @jarlath on Twitter, visit or email the show directly on Disclaimer: All materials contained within this podcast are copyright protected. Third party reuse and/or quotation in whole or in part is prohibited unless direct credit and/or hyperlink to the Irishman Abroad podcast is clearly and accurately provided.

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