38: Top 3 BI Skills for 2020 w/ Jen Underwood


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Do you know what skill sets you're going to need in the next three years to stay relevant in the BI (business intelligence) industry? Don’t wait for the BI bubble to pop!

When I met Jen Underwood, she was one of Microsoft’s first Power BI product managers and an undeniable voice of reason in the BI industry through her blogs and other insightful posts online. I always admired her technical aptitude and was not surprised that she went on to work at cool startups like DataRobot and now Aible. In this exciting episode, Jen breaks down what you need to know and do to be viable and relevant in the BI market in 2020 and beyond! Let's just say, it's definitely not what you're doing today. Tune in, and level up!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [02:58] Jen’s CV: Marketing degree and love for data leads to 20+ years in BI industry.
  • [05:17] Key Quote: I knew that I fell in love with programming and all that. But I didn’t have the patience to extend my college years. - Jen Underwood
  • [06:41] Fear of Failure: Jen’s only option was to succeed during her homeless period.
  • For full show notes, his book give away, and the links mentioned visit: https://bibrainz.com/podcast/38

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