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Tim left his job as an architect to travel the world for a year with his young family.

How free are we to travel across the imaginary boundary lines that governments have arbitrarily defined?

If you don’t love it, can you leave it? Where would you go?

Part 1 of the Citizen of Nowhere Series.

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May 1, 2015To: TimSubject: World’s Craziest Idea

Let’s go somewhere, sell our house, rent our house. Before our kids are in school. Can you take a year sabbatical? Let’s get basic jobs. Lets buy a one way ticket to somewhere warm and have an adventure. I’m serious. Maybe I’m just exhausted but it would be amazing.

I think we should find the cheapest Caribbean island we can move to and have an adventure. Maybe I’m just inspired by an article I read, but we only live once!

I love you.Erin


Tim’s Abroad Life –

Why travel?

Driving ourselves crazy – Snow sickness, work, pick-ups and drop offs

A Narrow Life – Struggling with careers, family life, and personal life

Crunching the Numbers

Renting our house for profit

Cheap housing while traveling

Housesitting gigs

“Two cats, three dogs, four horses, chickens and ducks”

“No! I am not doing donkeys.”

Working Remotely – A Partial Success

Cost Cutting

Childcare or Full Time Dad?

No income means no income tax

Rental property income tax loophole

Health insurance cost savings – travel medical insurance and short-term medical insurance – actual insurance, not prepayment

The worst thing about Obamacare

The Best Way to Lose $20,000

The Zero Hour Workweek

The tenant search

Planning the itinerary – “We just changed the return flight.”

The pre-launch checklist – Three months to get everything done to leave

Closing out work projects

Where have we been?

Devonshire, England

Cambridge, England

Leeds, England

Zurich, Switzerland

Marseille, France

Brittany, France

Lisbon, Portugal

Brussels, Belgium

Maine, USA


Florida, USA

Las Tablas, Panama

Aguada, Puerto Rico

Loiza, Puerto Rico

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Freedom of Movement (00:37:40)

Inclusion and Exclusion

Forceful restraints

Architectural Restraints

The effect on private property

Tourist or Traveler?

Immersion in the culture

The 30% Rule of traveling with young kids


“If the water runs out, we’ll know which pipe at the side of the road to get it from.”

Empathy from experiencing environmental conditions that shape local culture

Breaking down apprehensions about people in different cultures

Naive, petty nationalism

Unreliable infrastructure builds reliance on a strong community structure

Reasons to emigrate

Favorable tax regimes

Medical Tourism

Security from persecution and expropriation

International Family

Lower cost of living

Seeking better jobs, higher wages, and starting businesses

Access to benefits and services – better healthcare, education, housing, welfare – controversial when these are provided by governments


Why governments restrict travel (The “Ends”) (00:55:10)

Are border controls effective?

Keeping out criminals

Convicted criminals have already served time

Border controls can’t identify criminals who haven’t been convicted

Most Wanted – jurisdictional problems created by borders and regional monopolies of security services

Global competitive private security agencies – Discussed in ana003.

Private security checks at ports of entry in cooperation with security agencies

Most Wanted people need to be pursued no matter what side of a border they’re on

Preventing spread of disease

Zika virus – no visible symptoms, no screening at border – self-reporting

“These guys come on the plane in full biohazard suits”

Food poisoning in Shanghai

“That was the first time I defrauded the Chinese government. But it wouldn’t be the last…”

Farm animals

“Nobody’s going to answer yes to any question that’s going to cause them to have to spend more time there.”

Keeping out pests

A Hell of a prime time lineup

Australia’s pests have been imported by – guess who?

Fruit Fly, Rabbits, Foxes, and Cane Toads

They’ll Take Our Jobs!

The moral problem

Minimum Wage vs. Low Wage Workers – Minimum wage law guarantees there will be illegal immigrants

Nationalism = Racism?

Eliminating borders could alleviate global poverty better than any charity or welfare

They Won’t Have Jobs!

Effects of denying right to work

Tax funded benefits create conflict.

Privately funded benefits? Government “charity” crowds out private charity .

“They’re not your tax dollars.”

Decoupling poverty from immigration – Border control cannot solve entitlement problems.

They’ll Become Citizens and Vote!

Who cares?

“This is a real concern, if you think that voting has anything to do with promoting freedom within a society.”

Immigrants may be more likely to vote against oppression than locals

Voting is a charade

They Won’t Become Citizens and Vote!

Lack of assimilation

Immigrant enclaves ease transition for newcomers

Molenbeek and the Brussels Lockdown

Can immigrant communities foster criminality?

Code of Silence – a response to immigration controls?

Issues in immigrant communities are no different than issues in non-immigrant neighborhoods

Refugee Crisis

Would open borders reduce sudden shocks?

What anarchism is all about – Individuals can find ways to help refugees better than governments.

The Uber of Refugees

Open borders would make refugee movements more diffuse

How do Governments Restrict Movement? (The “Means”) (01:30:45)

Presumption of Guilt and Exclusion


Not needed before World War II

Joe filled his passport in Macao

PSA: You can’t travel on a passport within 6 months of expiration


Joe’s most difficult border crossing – Canada

“How dare you build a Planetarium in our fine country!”

Guy in the trunk

England’s absurd border entry process

England’s absurd work visa process

Arbitrary quotas and green card lottery

Elements of built environment used as means of restricting movement

Ports of Entry – Airports, Seaports

Architectural barriers – Designing the rat maze

Government Goons are People Too

“You can always opt for the manual inspection”

Customs and Quarantine

“A suitcase full of dried fish”

America’s absurd border entry process

When automation makes the process slower

Unofficial Ports of Entry – Borders

Border fences and walls

“Build a wall between the US and Canada”

Berlin Wall

“All border controls boil down to some guy standing on a wall who’s not going to let you in with your life.”

Mobile Border Patrols

“Your Papers, Please”

“These days totalitarianism comes with a smile”

The INS goes Up in Smoke

Next Episode Teaser

Joe’s wife coming to America

Joe moving to Australia and becoming a citizen

Impacts of mass immigration on the built environment


Tim’s Abroad Life Blog

The Email That Started It All

A Narrow Life

The Best Way to Lose $20,000

The Final Countdown

You Cannot Escape Your Destiny: Ep. VI Return of the Jobless

Why Travel?


Travel medical insurance

Short-term medical insurance

The tenant search – Sabbatical Homes

Cheap housing while traveling –



VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner)


Trusted Housesitters

Mind My House

The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Yes, it’s a real show. In it’s 12TH SEASON! That’s how bad Australian network TV is. Hey Libertarians – the narrator of this nauseating state propaganda is Grant Bowler, who played Hank Reardon in the Atlas Shrugged movies! How does that make you feel?

Easier than getting into Canada

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