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We were recently interviewed on The Tom Woods Show.

This episode includes the discussion with Tom, plus a “post-game” discussion to further clarify some of the points raised during the interview.

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Tom Woods is the…

Nicest Guy In the Liberty Movement (except on Twitter)

James Brown of the Liberty Movement

Oprah of the Liberty Movement

Preparations for the interview

Interview – The Tom Woods Show, Episode 802 (00:04:55)

Tom Introduces Tim and Joe

Joe, the “Multi-disciplinary Engineer”

Ideological slants of Architects and Engineers

Logistics of producing “The World’s Most Antipodal Podcast (TM)”

What is the Built Environment?

Who will build the roads?

Built Environment issues are not politicized left vs. right

Libertarians and “Normal People”

“Undesirable Material” – Anarcho-Sewage Treatment

The format of every NPR story

Is Tennis more libertarian than football?

Planning isn’t a bad thing

Jane Jacobs

Human Scale

“Eyes on the Street”

Planned and Unplanned cities

Failures of Planning – Boston City Hall Plaza

The roads, revisited

Are libertarian solutions too clunky?

Technical solutions and commercial solutions

Pop Quiz: Which country is an anarcho-capitalist utopia with private roads?

Privatization and divestiture – How do we get there from here?

Anarchitecture Podcast website details

@anarchitecturep on Twitter – Real world examples (we use #ThisIsAnarchitecture)

“The Tom Woods House” – A great result using DonorSee

Post-Game (00:41:37)

Initial reactions

Our first interview – thinking on our toes

How we usually record – Editing Ums and Ahs

Technical Challenges

Tim’s Recording Rig

Joe’s Pop Filter

“Have I started an electrical fire?”

Tom’s cat – even the pro’s have glitches


Unscripted moments of inspiration

Tom’s takeaways from #ana003

Who was Hayek?

Developed Austrian Business Cycle Theory with Ludwig von Mises

Won the “Swedish Central Bank’s Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel” AKA Nobel Prize in Economics

Focused on the role of decentralized information in a complex society

Who was Jane Jacobs?

“The Death and Life of Great American Cities”

Feud with Robert Moses – Grassroots opposition to eminent domain

No formal education, an autodidact

Journalist for Architectural Record magazine

“Where are all the people?”

“Eyes on the Street” – taking ownership of your neighborhood

Le Corbusier’s “Vertical City” – Unite de habitacion

A good idea, dumbed down

Public housing projects and criminality

A spectacular failure – Pruitt-Igoe

A decentralized surveillance state

Distributed surveillance, judgement and action

“Were there any parts where you put your foot in your mouth?”

Dodging the question

UN AGENDA 21!!! – Too harsh?

Applying Austrian insights about information and monopoly theory to city planning

Channeling Alex Jones


Update on the final episode of the Citizen of Nowhere series

Tim’s blog post on Patrik Schumacher


The Tom Woods Show Episode 802 on Tom’s site

Article mentioned in the interview: Architects are left-leaning

Architects’ Utopian Visions

Modernist Dreams of Utopian Architecture

Utopian Architecture Part 2: Beyond Modernism

Jane Jacobs

on Wikipedia


on Strong Towns

Jacobs and Hayek – Strong Towns podcast with Nolan Gray of Market Urbanism

The Death and Life of Great American Cities on Amazon

Boston City Hall Plaza Apologia

Walter Block on Road Privitization

The Privatization of Roads and Highways (free e-book on – Note, Joe got the name wrong in the discussion

Privatizing Roads Lecture on Youtube

Sweden’s Private Road Associations (PRA’s)

on Wikipedia

on National Academy of Sciences

A counterpoint – Are Private Road Associations really private?

The Tom Woods House

The Tom Woods Show Ep. 751 with Gret Glyer of DonorSee

Public Space

Frank van Dun on Public Space and Rights of Way in an anarcho-capitalist society

Rebuttal by Walter Block

Frederich A. Hayek

“Nobel Prize” Acceptance Speech: The Pretense of Knowledge

Essay: The Use of Knowledge in Society

Jeff Tucker applies Hayek’s insights to a city

Pass Le Corbusier

Wrote a book called Toward an Architecture. Get it? Toward Anarchitecture! What a visionary!

Unité d’habitation concept – Cité radieuse (Radiant City) in Marseille

Dumbed down, then demolished: Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis

The Capitalist and the Entrepreneur by Peter Klein (free e-book on

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