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Tim and Joe review Anarchitecture’s interview with Patrik Schumacher, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects (Episode #ana011), to clarify and highlight key points. We elaborate on topics including historical architectural styles, computer-generated design, parametric urbanism, and the challenges of promoting radical ideas.

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"I’m not withdrawing anything of what I’ve been saying. However, one needs to be aware of how one says it, how one mediates it, and how one explains that what we’re talking about is precisely aiming for the same fundamental hopes and ideals of a free and prosperous, emancipated and pleasant human condition."


Historical styles of architecture

Alberti’s architectural theory as the start of the discourse of architecture

Fordism, modernism, and progressivism

Post-Fordist network society



Parametricism – complexity and order

Frank Gehry and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Computer-generated design and input parameters

Parametric curves – multiple Y values for a given X value

Too many parameters can over-calibrate predictive models, but could be an advantage in architectural design.

Fractal design

Parametric Urbanism

Garbage spill urbanism

Urban harmony through Parametricism

Perceiving more complex types of order

I guess you’re not ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.

Van Halen requires preconditioning.


The challenges of promoting parametricism and libertarianism / anarcho-capitalism

A messiah event

Long-term one on one conversations

Shock value

Crisis as catalyst

Market-based solutions are necessary, and may be sufficient

Transitioning to a stateless society requires three things:1. Convince people that the initiation of force is wrong2. Convince people that governments initiate force3. Convince people that there are viable market alternatives to governmental services


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The Historical Pertinence of Parametricism and the Prospect of a Free Market Urban Order, Patrik Schumacher, London 2014 – A comprehensive argument for parametric urbanism. Includes photos of “garbage spill urbanization” and student work demonstrating multi-author parametric urban development

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