81 Direct Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Episode 81 Direct Revelation of Jesus Christ

Paul said that the gospel he preached did not come through any man, but by direct revelation of Jesus Christ. Is the experience of Paul unique to Him or is he an example of what each one of us should expect today? Today we continue the series by T. Austin-Sparks based on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. In this message, Sparks focuses on the subject of direct revelation of Christ to Paul and what we should expect in our relationship with God. Here is a short quote from this ministry:

How did we get what we got? That is going to decide everything for the future. Sooner or later the stresses of life will come upon our position. The Lord will allow our position to be tried in the fires. And His object in so doing will be to find out exactly what we are resting upon. So Paul said, "I received it not from men, nor from a man. Peter may have been a very important man, but I did not get it from Peter. James may have been the Lord's Own brother in the flesh, and he ought to know, but I did not receive it from James. John was a very loving devoted disciple, he was one of the first three, but I did not get it from John. These men gave me nothing. I RECEIVED IT BY DIRECT REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. That is the basis of this dispensation. That is the basis of true spiritual Christianity. And that is the great distinguishing mark between a legal system and a spiritual life.

Meeting 28—The Great Distinguishing Mark Between a Legal system and a Spiritual Life is by Direct Revelation of Jesus Christ T. Austin-Sparks, February 26, 1964 A.M.


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