Ep. 134: Dr. Matthew Muir on Taking Care of Our Outdoor Dogs


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Dr. Matthew Muir is a veterinarian based out of Sydney, Australia. He began work as a mixed animal general practitioner in Griffith, Australia where he developed skills in surgery, dermatology and nutrition before moving to the United Kingdom where he performed emergency and critical care work at a Royal Veterinary College Hospital. Soon after he began consulting in wellness and internal medicine.

Late last year when my dog, Colby, was diagnosed with bone cancer, Matthew and his team helped me determine the best medical plan to manage it. As word about Colby spread and more people reached out to me with questions about the health of their own dogs, I felt it would be helpful to sit down with Matthew to let him do the talking. In this episode of Anchored we discuss cancer prevention and management, diet, nutrition, and more. To book Dr. Matthew and his team for remote consulting visit www.naturalvet.com.au



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