A Money Mindset Makeover with Amina AlTai


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Reimagining our relationship with money takes feeling WORTHY about ourselves, first.

Out of all the core limiting beliefs we face as wellness professionals and entrepreneurs, the relationship we have around money and success can be a BIG one…

...And yet, when our lives feel upended by burnout and overwhelm, it can be hard to capture that worth, and our health can suffer as a result. It takes a BOLD reimagining of ourselves and our business to show up authentically and find NEW solutions for our problems.

On this episode of "And She Spoke," we have a fantastic conversation with Amina AlTai — who you may recognize from our Thrive Online 2020 Conference panel: "Feminist Reimaginings of Money and Power." This enlightening chat reveals Amina's journey from burnout with two autoimmune conditions and battling imposter syndrome to discovering balance and mindfulness, and a new mission to help others achieve balance in career, body, and mind.

We explore topics of worthiness, analog solutions for digital problems, and how we can do what we love and make money doing it — without feeling like an imposter in our own spaces and bodies!

This is a great way to start your 2021 – financial success mindset! Listen in and join the conversation!

Here’s a peek at what else we discuss:

  • We delve into Amina's background and work in corporate wellness
  • Where she developed her money mindset curriculum and the influence of Steven Cope
  • Addressing your core limiting beliefs and money mindset work
  • How doing what you love leads you to your best money-making ventures
  • Learn how Amina defines boundaries for herself by making a list of her "tolerations"
  • Feeling worthy of wealth or having a surplus of money
  • How to show up on social media authentically and avoid toxic positivity
  • Navigating the digital/analog world and creating boundaries around technology
  • How Amina has struggled with her imposter syndrome as a woman of color.
  • And so much more!


This week’s Joy: Silent retreats at home. For 2 days, Amina remained utterly silent, reading spiritual texts and getting back in touch with herself. This is a great way to establish boundaries for ourselves and switch off for a little bit.

This week’s Hustle: Amina's new worksheet on Overcoming Overwhelm. Looking at a 3 step process on how to look at being overwhelmed and how to deal with those things: what we tolerate, what structures we need in place, and the support we need moving forward!

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