Coming Together to Be Chronically You with Nitika Chopra


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Those suffering from chronic conditions deserve normalcy, advocacy, and empowerment!

We had an illuminating conversation on this episode of "And She Spoke" with Nitika Chopra, the founder of Chronicon, a media and events company dedicated to elevating those who live with chronic illness.

There are so many misunderstandings around chronic health conditions. Through her journey with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, Nitika has found power and meaning without being defined by the work day's rules.

Since then, Nitika has expanded her business with a talk show, partnerships in the wellness space. Since COVID-19, she has successfully transitioned Chronicon into an online community experience filled with inspiration, advocacy, and support.

We talk about normalizing chronic pain in the workplace, overcoming uncertainty, and how she shifts the non-profit/for-profit paradigm.

We invite you to listen, learn, and join in the conversation!

Here’s a peek at what else we discuss:

  • Her main revenue streams, including brand partnerships and spokesperson work
  • How Nitika manages her time so efficiently as someone with a chronic illness
  • Nitika explains that she wants to normalize chronic pain; you are not alone!
  • Moments in Nitika's entrepreneurial journey where she has questioned her decisions
  • How to get comfortable with uncertainty in life and turning that into growth
  • What Nitika has learned from going digital with her business
  • Marketing her membership: How Nikita attracts new members to Chronicon
  • The challenges that come with building a model that helps people while profiting from it


Nitika Chopra


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This Joy

The Secrets of Successful Women by Nitika Chopra

This week’s Joy:

Music! From singing her whole life, and currently, with the Resistance Revival Chorus, Nikita engages with music as a healing modality throughout her day!

This week’s Hustle:

"The Secrets of Successful Women." For Nikita, listening to this audiobook has been eye-opening about overcoming imposter syndrome, especially as a woman of color.

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